Always be learning

At 5miles we believe it’s essential to continuously develop your skillset. Engaging and real-life business cases teach you in-demand skills that you can immediately use on the job. Enjoy your daily personalized learning experience whenever it suits you.
Learning by doing
No boring videos but engaging and relevant content. Develop your skills by working with real-life datasets and practical business cases. Our hands-on learning method allows you to proactively develop new skills.
You decide when, how and what to learn
Choose your own track of bite-sized learning. You decide which topics you would like to dive into, subsequently or simultaneously. Let our unique AI driven learning track select the best path for you. Whichever learning track you choose; it’s your personal pick.
Get the skills that matter
Learn how to efficiently process, analyze and visualize datasets, build a powerful presentation, communicate effectively online and script your every-day tasks to accelerate your work.

We let our numbers speak for us

Professionals trained
Learning moments

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