Grow your Power BI skills

Grasp the basics of Power BI to work more efficiently. Learn how to edit visuals, adjust relationships and create buttons to make navigating easier. Enjoy a smooth transition from working in the Power BI desktop application to the online environment and publish your reports.
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Level up your Power BI skills

Are you ready to learn all about Power BI? Check out our carefully carved out level and topic tracks, or let our algorithm decide which course you should follow. Our daily challenges, tailored for business professionals, will help you work smarter, boost productivity and bring your skills to the next level!

Standard Power BI curriculum

  • 2 learning tracks
  • 34 challenges
  • 3 hours
  • 2 learning tracks
  • 25 challenges
  • 2 hours
  • 2 learning tracks
  • 16 challenges
  • 1.5 hours

Top Power BI learning tracks

Model & transform data
22 challenges / 2 hours
Create appealing visuals
23 challenges / 2 hours
Online version
24 challenges / 2 hours
21 challenges / 2 hours

The online learning tool for business professionals

Bite sized learning
Beat the learning curve with our unique 5-minute learning approach
Tailored to your needs
You choose when and what you learn to increase efficiency
Increased productivity
Real-life business cases help you achieve immediate results

Discover how we keep employees active and engaged

Receive a daily email with your personal challenge
Solve the challenge by testing various solutions
Apply your new skills directly on the job

What our members are saying

It is very easy to use and there is a nice mix of easy and more challenging excercises
Trainee audit - KPMG
The division of learning into small bits and the repetition of previous challenges within a learning track prove to be very effective
Customer Journey Expert – ABN AMRO
The challenges consist of relevant problems to solve and the explanations really help to understand the different functionalities
Strategy Consultant – Gupta

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