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New: Microsoft Teams
Learn how to work smarter with MS Teams and get the best out of your remote working experience. Know how to use and share your content, make (video) calls, and communicate efficiently in the different environments within MS Teams
New: Power BI
Learn how to work smarter with Power BI and build better dashboards faster.
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The power of 5 minutes a day
Using a highly effective microlearning approach, 5miles helps you improve your Excel skills with short and interactive daily challenges.
By breaking down your learning, and giving you the opportunity to test potential solutions,
it's not only easy, but it's effective - and most of our users start to experience the results within just two weeks.
Work faster
Analyse better
Innovate more
Create success
It's all about the challenge

Each day you'll receive a 5 minute Excel challenge, based on a real-world scenario.


The challenge encourages you to be curious and test a range of different solutions.


With each challenge you take on, you'll learn the tricks of Excel masters, and our special learning methodology will keep your newly acquired skills sharp and ready.

Choose what you learn, and when you learn
What do you want to achieve at work? When do you learn best? Choose what you learn and when you learn, so that your learning is sustainable and goal oriented.
Use tracks to control your learning
Define when you receive your challenge
Select your language (English, Dutch, French)
Smart content that adapts to your level
Each challenge is tailored to your level, whether that's beginner or advanced. And as your knowledge evolves, the content will too - ensuring that you are always challenged, and always progressing.
Practical, real-world challenges
Adapts to your level
New content added every month
You're not alone
If you need help with your challenges, or there's anything you need, you can always reach out to us so that we can support your success.
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Learning is life-long. 5miles is designed to help you make effective learning a daily habit, one that supports your professional goals, and helps you build your own success.

We give you the way, all you need is the will.

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