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Calin double
"These are both tips regarding Excel and tips regarding good business practises. I thought I was proficient in Excel, but through this training I discovered that there were a lot of things I didn't know."
Calin Grigorovici
Sales Controlling Director
Christy single
"It is a very smart training tool, I like it very much."
Christy Wong
Customer Marketing Manager
Sophia single
"It's good even for an advanced user. The approach forces you to take a short moment for a little self improvement."
Sophia Lindvall
Portfolio Manager
Emily single
"The practical examples used in the challenges makes participating more fun."
Emily Roberts
Strategy Consutant
Mike single
"An absolutely brilliant approach to learning."
Mike Perry
HR Business Partner
Marisca single
"Challenges are short, informal and practical."
Marisca Slooterdijk
Senior Actuarial Consultant
Vangelis double
"The examples and test cases are all made out of "real life" situations and can be applied instantly!"
Vangelis Nomikos
Associate Director Corporate Finance
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