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5miles makes continuous learning for business professionals a daily, 5-minute habit. They see productivity improvements within just a few weeks, and in the long-term create even more opportunities for themselves and their organisation. Our secret: a unique e-learning approach.

Old-fashioned skills training is costly and the setup is often not ideal. No one is excited to spend some days in a cold dark room, sitting behind a small desk, and return to work with only a few good insights.

But employees still want to develop. Organisations still need to get the best out of their people in a rapidly evolving marketplace. It’s a huge challenge.

And that’s where 5miles steps in. Every day, our users solve a practical challenge, based on real life business cases. They read our insightful explanation and retain their knowledge with recap questions. By doing this, our users ride an enjoyable, steep and sustainable learning curve.

We built our online platform around Excel and analytical skills, but our goal is higher: "Enable business professionals to learn skills that are essential to their professional success, in just 5 minutes per day".

Self-improvement is hard, but necessary for success. 5miles guides businesses, and employees, on the learning journey of the future. We inspire them to keep going, one step at a time, in 5 minutes a day.

Sjoerd Boonstra and Chris van Voorden,

Founders of 5miles

Sjoerd Boonstra

The man with the ideas. Sjoerd worked in strategy consulting for over 8 years and is always on the lookout to do things better. Through 5miles he inspires and enables others to do the same.

Chris van Voorden

The man with the plan. Chris previously worked on large M&A transactions and spent numerous hours 'Excelling', but with 5miles, he has gladly swapped banking life for hands-on entrepreneurship.

The 5miles team
  • Sjoerd Boonstra


  • Chris van Voorden


  • Gerardo Colorado Diaz-Caneja


  • Gertjan Jansen

    Freelance back-end developer

  • Roderik van Rinsum

    Software developer

  • Tim Engels

    Content developer

  • Bart Jacobse

    Account executive

  • Teri Gibson

    HR & Content development manager

  • Clément Férey

    Software developer

  • Catalina Barzescu

    Content developer

  • Kim van Zon

    Content developer

  • Jurr van Ramshorst

    Content developer

  • Barbara Bosschert

    Customer success manager

  • Ivan Pashchenko

    Freelance UX design

  • Agustina Turchetto

    Visual and Communication consultant

  • Julia Gutbrod

    Marketing & Sales intern

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